Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bill Huff & His Glorious Ilk

I've been noticing a few Lords of Dogtown style, white trash skater boys around town, with long, dirty-blonde hair and a most definite '70's rock and roll stoner style. They carry their boards all aloof, with lank locks hanging in their eyes and looking too cool for school.

Where are these kids coming from? They remind me of my childhood and those amazingly hot delinquent boys I would crush on in school. My favorite was Bill Huff who was in a grade younger than me. His brother was really normal and in my class so I got friendly with him just to hear about Bill's antics. That kid was on fire. He had longish blonde hair, an angel's face, and was perpetually stoned. The first time I saw him he was carving his name in a desk with a knife and I knew at that moment that I must have him. I would walk back and forth past his locker just to look at him. Unfortunately he never had the opportunity to break my heart as his mother (a divorcee, of course, all the cool delinquents lived with their divorced moms) quickly pulled him out of our school and sent him to some sort of reform school for totally hot underachievers. I later heard he got caught there screwing some girl on a trampoline in the gym. *Sigh...*

You know, now that I think about it, my ex-husband was a complete reproduction of Bill Huff, how funny is that? Maybe those things we find exciting as kids become imprinted on us and continue through adulthood without our conscious awareness. Or maybe I'm overanalyzing and we just have our types.

Anyway, I'm digressing down memory lane as usual. I'm just stating the skater boy observation because I'm wondering--could this herald a possible trend towards long hair and actual rock and roll? Will we soon be free of those limp, asexual hipster boys with their crap new-wavey indie bands and unmade-up, bad-haired, baggy panted girlfriends?

Ah, hope springs eternal, you know...

So I am off to get a manicure/pedicure and will keep a vigilant eye on the street and report to you when I have more findings. I will expect you all to do the same.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Ugh. I'm back from the peace of the Michigan woods and water way, way too soon for my liking. Unfortunately I didnt have a camera to give you a visual, but highlights include:

--Major time with my 14 month-old nephew, who turned out to be the most charming of little beings I have ever met. I know I said I don't like kids but it turns out I only like the ones belonging to people I love.

--Drew rowing my mother around the pond.

--Hummingbirds, crickets, driftwood, toads, beach rocks, cold water, wet dogs.

--A barbeque at my sister's beautiful house in the woods, which included me eating the worm from a bottle of Mezcal, major fireworks and a quarter stick of dynamite, all purchased by my brother-in-law during a road trip stop in Wisconsin for "cheese", and highlighted by the sounds of AC/DC set to 11 on the volume knob. To which my sister shouted, "Damn it, if the cops come Im the one thats going to have to talk to them!" I told her she needed to loosen up a little and forced her to do a shot of Jack. And then two hours later, after some merriment and very loud noises and a few holes in the lawn the cops did indeed show up and my sister was the one appointed to speak to them. She claims that I need to grow up and I claim that she needs to yell "Wooooooo!!" more often.

--Way, way too much food: ice cream, pasta, cake, pie, sandwiches, potato chips, french my Brazilian friend Carolina puts it, it was the Caligula of food. And what a time we had, but now the time has come to pay the piper for a summer of indulgence. I am in serious need of some weight loss and today begins the soup and salad march of atonement. *sigh*
So I wanted to give all of you who know me personally (or are interested) a little update, since there are so many things going on:

I told most of you that I was leaving Patricia Field to co-manage my friend Johnny T's beautiful new club Movida. The decision was based on a few reasons, but mostly due to the fact that my job at PF is 3 days a week and I have been supplementing it with jobs that weren't completely right for me. When I told the afore-mentioned Carolina, who is the Director of PF, that I was leaving she totally freaked out and offered me all kinds of attractive incentive to stay. She said that she didn't believe there was anyone else who could do the job that I do and the words "golden office" were even thrown out there. Of course, I'm not going to hold her to that one, I look terrible in gold! But I was most flattered and happy to get the appreciation. Trust me when I say this moment in my life has been a long time coming, and that I just realized that I need to write a crap job blog.

So it turns out that I will not be leaving the hot pink, high clown world of Patricia Field after all and will be at the store full time doing the lingerie buying along with my usual tasks. I am a huge lingerie fan, so I think I'll probably be good at this and am excited about having some influence over NY's female population's undie choices. But please don't start bugging me to stock your cousin's or girlfriend's amateur barbed wire bra designs as I havent gotten started yet.

And btw, Johnny T was a gem about the whole thing as I'd already accepted his offer and kept him waiting for a few weeks, so that guy is aces in my book.

On a random side note, I suddenly have become very popular with dogs on myspace. Who are you people making all these pages for your dogs?

While we were home I had a reading from my mom's friend Robert, who is an excellent psychic and an all around sweetheart. Here are some things he told me:

He said that my blogging was helping more people than I am aware of and that I should continue trying to address the topics that I find interesting. I would like everyone to know that I really enjoy the connection that happens with blogging and am always very interested in what everyone else has to say in response.

He told me that before eating or drinking anything, take a moment to bless (as well as be thankful for) whatever is in front of you. Think about all of the various energies that pass through the water or food in front of you, from the bodies and places the water has flown through to the people growing, picking, and preparing your food. Not all of these energies may be good for you, and blessing what you take in will clear some of that. If you are going to eat meat (which I do sometimes) spend the extra money on organic, free-range meat. Not only is it healthier on a practical level--free of antibiotics and hormones, but the actual energy is higher. There is less suffering and fear in the meat, which we have to realize was once a thinking, feeling creature that was raised and killed to be eaten and felt and vibrated with all of those sad energies. It either had a decent life or a terrible one, and it most likely felt fear before it died, and all of that stuff passes from the food to you. So just be conscious of what you are taking into your body and into your energy system. Robert mentioned that a good experiment is to watch how co-workers or friends behave after eating shitty or junk food, that sometimes you can actually see an emotional/personality shift depending on who the person is and what they're taking in. I have yet to do this but Im curious.

Robert also said that I would do very well with a radio show working on these topics, that it would be very healing for people. Frankly, if you have ever spoken to me in person or on the phone, you know I have a nasal Midwestern twang, which is hardly soothing. And I am not particularly clever verbally, which is why I like to write. I'm one of those people that comes up with the smart retort five minutes after it's too late. Not to mention that I have no training in the world of radio and never even thought about it before. But whatever, all those things are just that naysaying voice we all have, so I will toss those thoughts aside and state that I am open to anything the Universe wants to throw at me. So I'm putting it out there to you--if you have any ideas on this subject let me know.

I came to the realization that my dog is almost completely blind, I knew he couldn't see well but it became very obvious when he had a field to run around in. Robert told me this is a result of the abuse he suffered (which was mighty) and the blindness was only going to get worse. He said that the dog doesn't want to think about his past (for clearing or healing) and just wants to be near me leading his mellow little life. This particular issue has been a tough one for me as he is not a normal, fun dog--he doesn't want anyone but those he knows intimately to touch him (because he doesnt equate touch with love like most dogs), he has seizures, everything freaks him out, and he can't really walk on the street because he can't see and is afraid. I have had some major longing for a normal dog and a couple years of frustration hoping that he would change with time. But speaking with Robert about it made me realize I have to just let this issue go and have some acceptance. My mother pointed out that maybe its my job to be "in service" to this being, which really struck a chord. He is a loving little soul, sometimes he just walks up to me and presses his mushy face into my feet in the most tender way, and I can feel that he is so bonded to me that it would destroy his spirit to be abandoned again, even if I were to give him to someone who could deal. So maybe it is a holy act to simply love and accept him for who he is and stop trying to get my psychic connections to "have a talk with him" and straighten him out. Some things are just meant to be what they are.

There was a myriad of other things--Robert says I need to keep my tiny EV apartment and get a country house for the weekends. I of course asked where the bounty would come to purchase such a wonderful thing and he said it will come. He also told me that for me the time is NOW and all the dark times I have had in the past have been leading up to this period in my life, which is to be fun and lucrative. And I say, bring it on! And I promise I'll take as many of you as I can along for the the ride.

So lastly, I want to thank everyone for all the sweet and insightful comments and messages you leave me re the blogs. I am very grateful for the connection that myspace has brought and happy that you find these ramblings interesting enough to read. I consider your online and personal friendships a true gift.

Sunday, August 7, 2005


Yippee! We are leaving next week to go to my mother's house in Michigan for a week.

We being me...

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And my vicious, rotten, epileptic dog Winter, who we call the Chicken, because he's afraid of everything, or The Brain, because he looks like The Brain from Pinky and the Brain...

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In order to fly the Chicken it costs $80 each way, plus you need a health certificate. And because everything freaks him out he needs valium for the ride as well, so the health certificate and drugs cost me $209. So the total comes to $369, which means it actually would have been cheaper to just buy him his own ticket and plop him in the seat next to us. But I love the little fucker and want him to have some fun in the country.

Anyway, we are far more excited than anyone should be about going to Michigan. Well, at least Drew and I are, I don't really know how the dog feels about it. Now I know you would like to picture me somewhere more exciting and exotic, but home is honestly where I want to go. I am tired of people and noise and I just want to sit in the woods for a little while. And I'm also tired of explaining what it's like where I come from so I'm going to give you a little pictorial blog.

Here is the back of my mom's house...

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We will be spending a lot of time on this patio from the 9th through the 16th. Unfortunately I don't have a good picture of my mom in the computer, so I will just tell you that she has black hair and is quite gorgeous. She lives in Cedar, which is right near Lake Michigan and close to a lot of state parks. Cedar is right outside of Traverse City, where I grew up. Traverse City is a resort town, the cherry capital of the world (meaning most of the cherries you eat are grown there) and all sorts of very white Republican breeding types live and vacation there in the summer. Cedar and the surrounding areas are a little more hippie/new age (like my mom) and redneck (like the gun club down the road) and not so crowded up with golfers. Cedar has one stoplight and pretty much one street, but you can still get all sorts of vegan food and organic wines there.

My mom has 10 acres about five minutes out of the town. She is involved in all kinds of spiritual healing and crazy psychic stuff so she will be practicing new healing techniques on us when we are there and we will be getting readings from her friend Robert, who is a sweetheart and a wonderful psychic. Last year we got two great readings and had our DNA reactivated and our psychic caps removed. I can't wait to see what goes on this year.

This is the guest cottage we will sleep in...

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Notice the ladder on the side. My mother installed this ladder when my sister lived there, in the hope that someone would convince her to elope and get her out of the house.

Luckily, someone finally did. This is her and my brother-in-law, Scott...

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Here are a couple of shots of the inside of the cottage. I guess you would call it quaint. I call it NO PHONES FOR A WEEK. Okay that's not technically true because my mom has a phone and we have cells with no reception. But it feels cut off and that's a delightful feeling.

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Here is my mom's spring-fed pond. It is jam-packed full of frogs and fish that jump and it's surrounded by beautiful willow trees. It's really magical. That is one of her Maltese dogs near the stream that runs near the pond.

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Here is the stream and the other side of the house:

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And here are the dogs. Drew calls them "the Tinies". They're much nicer and way more fun than my dog who snaps at everyone but Drew and me and isn't much of a frolicker. We would like to make a switch but my mother is very selfish and refuses to trade out...

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Drew says that he is going to run around in the yard with the Tinies while I spend hours in front of the computer. He thinks that I am addicted to myspace and I don't know what the hell he is talking about!

Here is one of the many nearby beaches we will be frequenting. The girl in the photo is our friend's daughter Stella. Stella rocks. Well, as far as children can--you all know how I feel about kids, which is, shall we say, lukewarm.

The beaches around there rock as well. People who say Lake Michigan isn't a real beach have never been there, which is part of the reason I am posting this little blog. So I can just point to it instead of explaining all the time. Great Lake beaches don't have the waves that the ocean does, and they're fresh water, but they are still pretty delightful. The area I come from is very clean and my mom knows all kinds of secret spots where very few people go.

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My sister has a new son named Alexander who also rocks. The baby is one year old now so we will be bringing him to the beach this year. I am not one for tanning so I plan on shoving Alexander out from under the umbrella when my sister isn't looking, so that I can get under there and protect my pale skin and tattoos. I figure he's young and can afford the UV damage more than I can.

Here is a photo of me being maternal with Alexander. I have found that imbibing moderate amounts of liquor makes children much more enjoyable. That is my brother behind me also, um, enjoying the baby...

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Here is a photo of my brother. He won't be there this year because he's playing guitar on a cruise ship, but I thought I'd throw his photo in just because he's such a dork...

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So that's all the photos I have and thus is the end of my little Michigan pictorial. I am in desperate need of a new camera but maybe I can borrow one and get some photos this year. Or maybe I will be far too lazy and overfed to even bother.

In the meantime, feel free to email but I won't be able to get IM's out there. Which is probably a good thing.