Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bill Huff & His Glorious Ilk

I've been noticing a few Lords of Dogtown style, white trash skater boys around town, with long, dirty-blonde hair and a most definite '70's rock and roll stoner style. They carry their boards all aloof, with lank locks hanging in their eyes and looking too cool for school.

Where are these kids coming from? They remind me of my childhood and those amazingly hot delinquent boys I would crush on in school. My favorite was Bill Huff who was in a grade younger than me. His brother was really normal and in my class so I got friendly with him just to hear about Bill's antics. That kid was on fire. He had longish blonde hair, an angel's face, and was perpetually stoned. The first time I saw him he was carving his name in a desk with a knife and I knew at that moment that I must have him. I would walk back and forth past his locker just to look at him. Unfortunately he never had the opportunity to break my heart as his mother (a divorcee, of course, all the cool delinquents lived with their divorced moms) quickly pulled him out of our school and sent him to some sort of reform school for totally hot underachievers. I later heard he got caught there screwing some girl on a trampoline in the gym. *Sigh...*

You know, now that I think about it, my ex-husband was a complete reproduction of Bill Huff, how funny is that? Maybe those things we find exciting as kids become imprinted on us and continue through adulthood without our conscious awareness. Or maybe I'm overanalyzing and we just have our types.

Anyway, I'm digressing down memory lane as usual. I'm just stating the skater boy observation because I'm wondering--could this herald a possible trend towards long hair and actual rock and roll? Will we soon be free of those limp, asexual hipster boys with their crap new-wavey indie bands and unmade-up, bad-haired, baggy panted girlfriends?

Ah, hope springs eternal, you know...

So I am off to get a manicure/pedicure and will keep a vigilant eye on the street and report to you when I have more findings. I will expect you all to do the same.

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