Friday, January 19, 2007

Random Nightlife Encounters

Skanky, sloppy, wasted girl who keeps trying to kiss Drew and grab his ass, holds her fists up in front of me and says: "If you come to my 80's prom themed birthday party we might get in a fistfight."

Me: "That's a distinct possibility, yes."

Skanky girl: "Yeah, cause we'd be fighting over who's the hottest."

Me: "Um...right. I don't really fight anymore since the whole jail thing. But I am thinking about making an exception."

Skanky girl: "Your boyfriend is hot."

Me: "Can you back up a little bit, please?"

Drew, behind her and making kicking and boxing motions: "Git her, honey! Come at her like a spider monkey!"

Mike: "I've been farting this whole time, can you smell anything?"

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