Saturday, January 6, 2007


First, thank you to those of you who have kindly sent me get well wishes. I am fine and know I owe some emails and will get on it shortly.

Evil from The Independents sent me a message today that this video was up on their page. It was the last project I worked on with Joey Ramone. Joey loved the Independents and was funding and helping direct this video, but he died halfway through its making. I thought the footage would never surface but the band took what they had and made a pretty fun video out of it.

I play the vampire queen, of course. I spent the day baring my fangs and walking slowly and menacingly through the cloisters while my minions chased Evil around. It was really fun and now special to me because it was the last day I spent with Joey.

For those of you who don't know me well, the full on face shot of the girl crawling up the stairs is not me, its my friend April playing a minion. She's in my friend list if you happen to fall in love.

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