Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Time Takes Sharp Edges and Makes Them Smooth

Me: So that was it?

Him: Yeah. She took off with her fag friends for a month to get over it and I packed and cried.

Me: Aw, that sucks. I'm so sorry, baby.

Him: You know, I thought I was going to grow old with this person.

Me: I did too, I really did. I'm stunned.

Him: I was trying to remember if I got this upset with you and me.

Me: Fuck you! You are such an asshole.

Him (laughing): Well, I was heavily sedated that time.

Me: Um, yeah. Ya think?

Him (giggling): Yeah…just a little…

Me: You're a jerk. But it's gonna be okay.

Him (sighing): Yeah…I know…it's cool.

Me: I love you. You can always call me if you need to.

Him: I love you too.

Me: Talk to you soon, k?

Him: Yep. Tell Drew I said hi.

Me: I will.

Him: Bye, honey.

Me: Bye.

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