Sunday, November 30, 2008


ME: What time do you want to order food?

DREW: I'm not hungry.

ME: I know that. But you will be later, what time do you want to order food?

DREW: After I wake up.

ME: No, because you'll sleep through and I want to order food before you have to go to work. 6:30? 7?

DREW: 6:30.

ME: Okay, I'll wake you up then.

DREW: No, Mary, don't wake me up. I want to sleep.

ME: Well, then how can we order food?

DREW: Can't we just do it when I get up?

ME: No, Andrew, because you won't wake up and I want to eat.

DREW: Damn it, you are difficult.

ME: I'm not being difficult, I'm being totally logical and you are being a pain in the ass.

DREW: I am not the pain in the ass, Mary. You are the pain in the ass. You're a child. You know, if a five year old drank liquor, it would be you.

ME: So 6:30 then? Where do you think you want to order from?

DREW: Get out of this bed.

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