Friday, May 6, 2011

Google Docs

DREW: It's so cold here. I can't get warm. I've been freezing all week.

ME: I told you to bring warmer clothes when you were packing.

DREW (sighing): I know you did, Mary.

ME: Remember? I said, "It's going to be cold there, and that sweatshirt is not going to be enough." And you said I was wrong, and that you would be fine. And now you're cold, and I was right.

DREW (irritated): Yessss, you told me I'd be cold.

ME: I know. It's pretty amazing. I'm always right and yet you never listen. I think I'm going to start keeping a list.

DREW: Another list?

ME: A list of all the times that I am right and you don't listen.

DREW: Well, that is annoying.

ME: No, it's gonna be great. Hang on, I'm starting a new google doc.

DREW: You can't google doc and blog me all the time. It's not cool.

ME: Okay, here we go. Number 1: I told Drew it would be cold in Minnesota but he didn't listen to me and spent the entire trip freezing.

DREW: Please stop typing.

ME: Number 2: I always tell Drew not to eat pizza directly out of the box because it's too hot but he does anyway and burns his mouth every time.

DREW: I hate you.

ME: Number 3. Hmm...Let's think...

DREW: I'm hanging up now.

ME: That's okay, you can access google docs from anywhere. I'll email the link.


ME: Hello...hello?


Dano said...

He's right.
That's really NOT cool... but it's funny as hell.

aaalisson said...

i freaking love it!

aaalisson said...

freaking hilarious!!!!