Friday, December 23, 2011

Jerky Christmas

ME (Turning on overhead light while Drew is sleeping): HEY!

DREW (squinting): What?? Turn that off, it's too bright.

ME: Are we going to have a good Christmas?

DREW: You tell me. Are we?

ME: We are if you can stop being a jerk. That's why I'm asking.

DREW: Well I'm asking too. I'm not being a jerk. Are you going to stop being a jerk?

ME: I'M not being a jerk. You're being a jerk. 

DREW: You're the jerk. Turn the light off.

ME: Not until you say you're going to stop being a jerk.

DREW: Okay, you're going to stop being a jerk.


ME: Light's still on.

DREW: All right. I'll stop being a jerk! Turn it off!

ME: Okay, then we're going to have a good Christmas.

(light goes off)

DREW (quiet voice from the dark bedroom): You know, some people might say that only a JERK would turn the light on like that.

ME: I can't hear you! But since you're up, wanna watch Scrooge?

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